Brooke A. Van Horn

Assistant Professor

Organic & Polymer Chemistry


B.S., Biochemistry and Physics, Indiana University, 2000


Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Washington University in Saint Louis, 2002 2007


Council on Science and Technology Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University, 2007 2009

Functional Polymeric Nanomaterials

The central theme of my research endeavors is the design and preparation of functional polymeric nanomaterials. I seek to draw upon my experience and knowledge as an organic polymer chemist to tackle design problems by imparting functionality to soft materials through synthesis. I believe we can find creative solutions to engineer well-defined, nanoscale materials through the combination of molecular architectures and topologies with a variety of chemically-reactive moieties. The projects that are undertaken at the College of Charleston serve primarily as teaching and learning experiences for the students participating, while also making important contributions to polymer science in the areas of biomedically-relevant functional materials and the assembly of polymeric nanomaterials. Students in our group learn organic and polymer synthesis, purification, and molecular characterization since functional monomers are required for each project. Synthetic polymer chemistry and rigorous chemical and structural polymer characterization is taught through the construction and analysis of the proposed functional nanomaterials.

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